Mongolia Adventure

We are not the sort of travel agency that offers all-inclusive tours. We do, however, have excellent connections in Mongolia and can offer you possibilities that you won't find anywhere else.

We are assuming that you want to explore Mongolia on your own, but would like to organise some trips and establish some connections with the locals before travelling out there. That's where we come in. We can provide you with a guide for Ulaanbaatar, a way of getting out into the countryside and organise pony trekking out on the steppe. Through us you can really get to know Mongolian life, if you wish, you could even stay with a Mongolian family. And here's the best part: our service costs NOTHING! You pay what you have arranged, when you get there.

We have no prices for single services. Let us know what do you want to do, and we make a price for the whole arrangement. But don't worry. It is cheaper than you imagine.
We provide or arrange the following services (and others): transfer from the airport, car with driver (russian all-wheel car / all-wheel minibus / japaneese all-wheel car with airconditioning, interpreter, pony-trekking tour from Moron, camel-trekking tour, lodging in UB, lodging (framehouse in Moron, or ger in the countryside), lunch, easy camping equipment.
For further information why not send us an email eMail, tell us when you would like to visit Mongolia (if you know already) and what you would like to do there. We will send you an offer. We can give you a call (if this makes things easier and helps to build trust) but only if you live in Germany. If you like what we propose, let us know and we will send you a confirmation. We would ask you to reconfirm all of the details at least three days before you leave for Mongolia. PLEASE NOTE: You will pay in Mongolia, so please bring the appropriate amount in Euro.

Please remember: we are motivated but we are not professionals. At the moment, not all of us can speak English fluently. But we are ambitious and we are working on it.

Out in the country we have our base in Moron, which is a regional capital in the green north of Mongolia. There you can get to know the typical nomadic life. It is from here that you set out on your pony-trekking tours.

It takes about 24 hours by car to get from Ulaanbaatar to Moron. Apart from flying, you can travel this route on a minibus. The latter option can, however, be a bit of an ordeal, not least because of the overcrowding. More comfortable is our own all-wheel minibus. But we prefer to book a domestic flight from UB to Moron.

Pony-trekking includes pony, saddle, guide and cooking utensils. You can of course do without separate transportation for the baggage, but this will make anything other than slow riding impossible. You will need to buy your own provisions for the trip. It is also absolutely necessary that you bring a tent, a foam mattress (Karri mat) and a sleeping bag.

Having a guide on your pony-trekking tour can have many advantages: he knows his way around, he can always find the way back home, he knows what you need to bring along and he'll accompany you to do the necessary shopping. He knows where to set up camp for the night and where you can go fishing. He will cook with you. And along the way, you'll be learning about Mongolian living, customs, language, plants and wildlife. If you fancy spending a night in a yurt, are looking for a tailor or would just like to try goat's milk, just ask our guide.